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Blk 51, Ubi Ave 1, #05-25, Paya Ubi Industrial Park Singapore 408933.
About Us

Based and operating from Singapore, we specialize in the development and distribution of premium plastic prescription lenses. In the past 40 years, we have proved ourselves as the Leading exporter of high quality plastic lenses from Japan. Our house brand HITOP has been adopted as the reference for reliability and durability by the optical professionals in the SE Asian continent.

At HITOP, we have come to the understanding that there is more to wearing prescription lenses than "meet the eye". It is not only about correcting vision impairment; eyewear is also about looks, fashion and performance. From professional eyewear, to high-tech wear with convenience and aesthetics in mind, our focus lies in providing the ultimate solution to the end-user. In line with our efforts to provide with the best eyewear lenses, we specialize in developing Hard Coated and Multi Coated high index lenses.

Extensive research gave birth to a breakthrough technology: the Anti-EMI, Asia's first anti Electro-magnetic interference coating. The Anti-EMI coating is a revolutionary lens coating that is developed to cut EM emissions originating from radiating devices such as computer monitors, microwave ovens, etc. This new feature succeeded in heightening customer expectations of the optical lens. Since its launch, our customers have come to call it, The Computer Lens.

Ready acceptances of the various products introduced by our company by many optical firms in our region have prompted us to expand our lens production capability. We are now desirous in addressing our products to a worldwide audience and are seeking to develop long-term business relationship with wholesalers / distributors / importers in every major city.